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Spring Makeup Trends

Makeup is a trend in itself. New products are made everyday, as well as techniques. Once a celebrity tries it, the whole world is tempted to try it and keep trying it until it is perfected. Now, makeup trends are proliferating and the list goes on and on. Some of the most popular trends for this spring are listed below.


Contouring is currently the biggest makeup trend on the map. It is the art of using makeup to brighten, sharpen, and highlight facial features, particularly where the sunlight hits. In order to contour, a few products are needed. Two different liquid foundations, one that matches your skin tone, and one that is darker, a concealer, and a finishing powder are the products needed to properly contour. It is such a huge trend that makeup lines have started to create contouring kits, including all products needed and step-by-step instructions.

Smoky Eye

The smoky eye is an ongoing trend that is still popular to do this day. Smoky eye is a makeup technique that uses eyeliner, eye shadow, and mascara to complete the full look. The beginning of this trend was all darker colors, but it is becoming more common to use bright color eye shadows for the smoky eye now. All three makeup tools need to be used properly or the smoky eye will not have its full appeal. Eye concealer enhances this technique because it makes the area around the eyes all one tone.


It is not enough to wear just gloss anymore. Lipstick has always been around, but it was on the backburner until recently. This spring, lipstick, especially dark and bold colors, is one of the most common trends for all make up wearers. Lip liner is used to make the lips more structured, puffed out, and prepared for the lipstick application. Then, the lipstick is added. Most colors that are used for lipstick are: reds, browns, black, and nude.

Eyebrow Penciling/Coloring

Women are becoming obsessed with perfecting their eyebrows. Eyebrow waxing does not meet the needs of most perfectionists, either. After waxing, misshaped eyebrows are being filled in. Penciling in eyebrows often makes eyebrows look fuller and more curved. Coloring eyebrows in gives them a better shape in general. Both tactics are extremely helpful for those perfectionists out there who will go to extreme measures to have the flawless eyebrows.

Eye Shadow Pallets

Every cosmetic line in the world is developing eye shadow pallets. Eye shadow colors fluctuate upon season, so for this spring, bright colors are in! Eye shadow is not just used on the eyelid, but below the eye as well. For this trend, the eye shadows can be any color but the eyelid and below the eye colors should match each other. Eye shadow pallets are sold anywhere from corner drug stores to high-end beauty stores. These eye shadow pallets are compact and contain anywhere from 3 to 15 colors at a time.


Primers are a somewhat new trend. A primer is a liquid concealer or powder that is a white color or transparent. Primer is to be put on first, hence its name. The job of a primer is to make the entire face and neck have an even matching skin tone before applying any additional or routine makeup. Primers also eliminate oily skin without drying it out so that makeup stays on and feels fresh.

Winged Eye Liner

Another trending makeup technique is the winged tip. A perfect winged tip is done by using black or dark eyeliner to create a line on the bottom of the eyelid, and followed through to the corner of the eye. When this process is completed, the eye looks like it has a wing. Using different colors does not lessen the ability to create a winged tip, but to get the full effect; the darker eyeliner is better to use.

Permanent Makeup

One of the most popular trends is actually an alternative to daily makeup routines. Permanent makeup is applied the same way a tattoo is, but the professionals numb the participants to decrease as much pain as possible. While the makeup is said to be permanent, it does need to be maintained with multiple sessions. The art of tattooing, and permanent makeup have their similarities and differences. Having permanent eyebrows, eyeliner, or mascara makes it much more convenient, especially for those who spend a lot of time everyday applying makeup.

Fake Eyelashes

Most of the time, long and luscious lashes do not come naturally. A hot and popular makeup trend for this spring is fake eyelashes. Not only do the celebrities use them, but also some even endorse them. Fake lashes are enhanced with mascara and are now designed to look as natural as possible. “Are those your real eyelashes?” That is the infamous question of the season!

The Natural Look

With all of this talk about new makeup trends, it is hard to not steer away from the biggest trend of all; the natural look. There a lot of makeup trends that intend to enhance natural beauty, but nothing can do that more than the natural look. The old saying “less is more” definitely applies here. Light pinks and nudes for foundation, concealer, eye shadow, and lipstick all work together to represent a trend that has always been around and will continue to be the most effective one.

Overall, women have made a new world out of cosmetology. Improving or enhancing facial features has always been, and will always be an important part of everyday lives for all women. Being aware of popular trends can save time, money, and space that is wasted on products that are not needed. Be apart of the new trends this season and spring in to action!

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