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Technology has given every woman the ability to imitate the makeup techniques used by celebrities and done by professionals. Now, beauty school is not needed to be an expert in cosmetology. Anyone can apply makeup like a professional.

The Right Tools

The first step in applying makeup like a professional without actually being a professional is having the right equipment. With the right tools, anything is possible. Particularly, having the right makeup brushes is the key point in applying makeup. Cheap makeup brushes will result in less quality makeup, no matter what makeup is being used. Also, finding the right brand of makeup and sticking to it for all areas of the face is important. Companies have makeup lines for a reason, and that is because they are going for a particular look that can be imitated easily.

Online Tutorials

The best part of social media is that once a secret is let out, everyone else will know about it in an instant. Once a makeup trend is perfected, an online tutorial is created. There are online tutorials for every single makeup technique. The tutorials are usually videos that show the step-by-step process, including the visual of before and after shots, and all products that are used in the process. Online tutorials are the best way of finding out exactly how to imitate the newest and hottest styles of makeup application.

Makeup Blogs

Similar to online tutorials, makeup blogs are a way of interacting with other aspiring makeup perfectionists and professionals who write about certain products and techniques. While this may be all opinion, it is based on experiences of other people. There are tons of makeup blogs discussing skin types, products, trends, and everything else that is needed to know about makeup. Some people can imitate a procedure by simply reading something in front of them, and that is what those blogs are there for.

Mixing and Mastering

A lot of women have a their own personal preference between choosing either a liquid or a powder makeup. However, the actual key to applying makeup like a professional is to mix the two. Liquid concealer mixed with foundation will give the skin a balance between dried out and oily and allow facial features to stand out. Some professionals even believe that mixing primer with foundation can do this trick, as well. This also helps the makeup stay on longer without it feeling masked.

Conceal Facial Flaws

Insecurity is the leading cause of makeup in the first place. The trick is to become familiar with flaws, accept them, and conceal them. Using concealer, in the right way, and can be extremely effective. Being aware of undertones and unwanted colors makes it easier to have them disappear that much faster. Whether its redness, or scarring, concealer evens out the skin tones and leaves the skin looking flawless. Concealer has a way of making skin look more natural.


Contouring is a very popular makeup technique that all celebrities, professionals, and women all over the world are beginning to discover and strive to perfect. Contouring is not just makeup, it is also a way of changing the shape of the face. By using a few different products together, facial features are highlighted. Like anything else, it is a different process for every shape of face. Two foundations, one that matches the skin and one that is darker, along with setting powder, concealer, and bronzer – and blush – if preferred are the products needed to contour.

Eye of the Beholder

Eyes can make a total transformation with the right makeup. Professionals are coming up with new techniques everyday to make the eyes more appealing. The “smoky eye” is a style used with a combination of mascara, eyeliner, and eye shadow. The winged tip is basically a line made by using the eyeliner on the lower line of an eyelid to the corner of the eye. The use of eye shadow is becoming more frequent and the shaping of eyebrows is also a trend that professionals have passed on as well, whether it is penciling or coloring them in. By properly using all of these makeup products together a woman can drastically change the look of her eyes.

Lips Without Injection

A recent obsession is perfecting the “fuller lips”. Injections are painful, costly, and pointless when there are alternatives that can be used. The trick to gaining fuller lips is to change them. By adding foundation to the lips, it gets rid of unwanted natural pigments and prepares them for lipstick. Light colors reflect light, and this is true for lips as well. With lighter lip colors, the lips will always appear fuller. Additional gloss on parts of the lips will also make the lips appear larger and fuller.

Overall, makeup is an art, and sometimes it does take an artist to perfect the technique. However, quick learners and those interested in cosmetology will find that it is helpful to be aware of the tips, opinions, and suggestions made by professionals. Whether it is making skin look clearer and even toned, or making eyes pop and shine, it is all possible to do through simple steps.

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