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Whether going out on a date or going to a meeting at the office, there is one thing that every girl needs before anything or anybody else – and that is gorgeous makeup and accessories. Hey, luscious thick eyelashes and gorgeous red puckers for that perfect occasion do not just come au natural. And which girl does not like to be pampered with presents? So do not wait any longer, ladies, and check out our amazing list of online as well as offline destinations to pick up some free makeup samples!

  1. Target – Free Makeup Samples: This is a great location to find  free makeup samples. Completely online, completely free, all anyone needs to do is fill out a simple survey. The samples are in great demand, so they go quick and there is only a small window open for when they are available. However, whenever they do become available all someone has to do is click the “Request Sample” button and complete the survey. Occasionally, Target also offers “Free Beauty Bag” promotional events where women can get a bag complete with beauty essentials and makeup. These events take place on Facebook, so keep an eye out for them.
  1. ALLURE – Free Makeup Samples: Scores of gorgeous women line up to register for these free giveaways, generally scheduled during the first two weeks of every month: though the dates vary. The first 500 lucky winners can get an attractive makeup sample from the wide variety of products being offered. For example in May, the giveaway was scheduled for the 4th-7th of the month. Just enter the contest and win an amazing product each day: Pixi eyeliner (5/4), Matrix hair spray (5/5), Dr. Dennis Gross moisturizer (5/6), and FHI flatiron (5/7).

Allure: FREE SamplesFREE Stuff

  1. ULTA – Free Makeup Samples: Ulta typically features high on the list of favorite makeup stores for any woman. They also offer a gorgeous collection of free makeup samples, even something special just for the birthday girl! That is right, while there are loyalty bonuses for shopping with Ulta, they take the meaning of customer loyalty to a whole other level on the ladies special day.
  1. MACY’S – Free Makeup Samples: With the right strategic tactics, Macy’s can also become a ladies best friend when it comes to free makeup samples. From Chanel to Lancome to Estee Lauder, there are some very generous saleswomen at each counter. While a brazen “Does this brand offer free samples?” might end in a rebuttal, there are better options for scoring anything from complexion-care creams to shiny new nail polish. Just ask for help and outline specific beauty issues or show a lack of prior experience with a certain product and more likely than not free samples will be offered.
  1. SEPHORA – Free Makeup Samples: The sales associates at Sephora are extremely friendly and helpful, especially when they sense a potential buyer. This can be extremely helpful when looking to find that perfect makeup. Take this opportunity and receive a bag full of beautiful makeup samples: foundation, anti-wrinkle creams, lip color, and more. Also be sure to visit their website and view the free with purchase offers. Considering all of the free makeup and product samples, this has to be a makeup lovers paradise. Sephora also has free events at some of their stores where they offer different shades of eyeliner, mascara, eyeshadow and more to customers who attend them.

SEPHORA: FREE SamplesFREE Stuff W/ Purchase – Weekly Specials

  1. WALMART – Free Makeup Samples: This one is a bit of a shocker, even though most people generally associate Walmart with being a “big, giant retail chain” or even providing “crappy, wholesale products”, Walmart is a treasure trove of free samples. Every month, even if they are retail brands, Walmart has free promotional offers for some product or the other. There is a dedicated website page for free samples on the Walmart website: Anything from Maybelline Mousses to Garnier night creams, there is something for everyone!

WALMART: FREE SamplesFree Beauty Box

  1. Brand Websites: MAC, L’Oreal, Garnier and even Olay offer free makeup samples and products on their website or facebook page. Most of them ask their customers to sign up with their name, address and details and/or fill out a form. These major brands also like to offer surveys to customers for their new products and every now and then even offer a few promotional tests, participants generally get to keep the product they tested for themselves. When looking for free makeup samples or makeup brushes, that is a complete win-win situation.

Websites: L’Oreal SamplesL’Oreal Offers – Garnier (Facebook)Olay

  1. Regular Beauty Boutique Stores: These are not as big as most departmental chains or as asinine as a drugstore beauty product hunt, but they can be surprisingly well-stocked. Women typically never consider these as a source of free makeup because it is right in front of their eyes, but these boutiques regularly have more than the regular makeup samples and free stuff to offer their customers. While free samples are their way of saying “Thanks!” to their customers, women can make an easy score and receive everything from lipstick, nail polish, mascara and even foundation, just by asking for something new to try out – and receiving free samples is really as easy as that when shopping at the beauty boutique stores.
  1. Beauty Blogs and Makeup Websites: This is one of the newest trends in getting free makeup, and the best part is that it comes without the hassle of surveys and numerous questions. Sometimes, it is as easy as clicking on a button, commenting on a post, or just signing up for a newsletter. The makeup blog by the name of “Pretty Thifty” is one of the greatest resources when it comes to finding free makeup products. Just last month, they were giving away some gorgeous M.A.C lipsticks!

Makeup Blogs and Websites: FREE Samples – FREE Stuff

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