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Tips on Makeup Brushes

Makeup is an integral part of a woman’s life. More than likely at some point in her life she will choose to wear it to enhance her beauty. Some women choose to apply makeup to their whole face, while others apply it to only around their eyes. Either way, the purpose of this daily ritual is to have the makeup add glamour to her personality and express her style. But sadly to say, some women skip essential steps that are required when doing their makeup to have it look its best and at the end they are not satisfied with the look they get. The best thing to remember when applying makeup is that the most important weapon in a woman’s arsenal is her makeup brush.

Makeup tips that will add instant style, flair and glamour:

Facial anatomy and proportions

Many women do not check their face as a whole while applying eye makeup and in the end their eyes look outstanding but rest of the face looks forgotten about or even dull. To avoid this, after completing each step of applying makeup women should check their whole face and then add a new layer if it is required. Also, choosing diverse colors for the eyes and face is not always going to be the best option. Women interested in mixing up different colors for their makeup should choose colors from the same color scheme so that the makeup looks uniform on their face.

Sticking to one color scheme or another is very helpful. By using one color scheme at a time, a woman can feel confident about choosing any shade of color to apply to any part of her face and it will match with rest of the shades, this way she can get the diversity and still have the uniformity she was looking for.

Always use clean makeup brushes

Some women do not clean their makeup brushes often, but makeup brushes play an important part in the quality of a makeup and how well it can be applied. Makeup brushes that are not cleaned often collect dust particles, dead skin and even have multiple forms of bacteria feeding on them. These same forms of bacteria will later be applied to their skin and end up living there. The dust particles and small mixtures of the other colors of makeup that have previously been used will get mixed up with the current color of makeup being applied and spoil the rich color and texture of the makeup, this combination of dead skin and old dust particles can also lead itchy and problematic skin conditions.

Cleaning makeup brushes is easy and can be done with hot water and shampoo.

First, gently rinse off the makeup brushes under warm water. This will get rid of all the old makeup and collected particles.

Next, to make the cleaning solution, get a bowl and mix a little squirt of shampoo with warm water, swirling the brush inside the bowl if needed.

Then let the brush soak for 2-3 minutes and then rinse it off with cold water.

Finally, repeat the steps a couple of times if required.

Taking care of the makeup brushes will allow the woman to get the desired lush texture she is looking for and also the brush will last longer.

Natural treatments for healthy skin

Makeup is used to enhance the natural beauty of a woman. By maintaining great skin through proper diet and nutritional supplements, a woman allows her skin to be able to work with the makeup to enhance her natural beauty. Applying natural skin treatments will assist with texture and the over all glow of the skin. Aloe Vera provides a product that includes natural ingredients which has nutrients essential for the skin. Peel off the Aloe Vera from the center and then apply the gel side on the face with a little massage and wash it off after half an hour. Aloe Vera is great because the results are immediate and you will feel freshness in the skin after one or two washes.

Another option is by applying a facial mask. A facial mask that works the best for most women is called the Lemon face mask. It contains honey and lemon. The honey has enzymes to repair skin and provide a nice glow, where as the lemon portion contains Vitamin C which replenishes deficient nourishment. Vitamin C also has a property in it which helps to eliminate dead skin.

Dead skin is one of the major reasons for acne and pimples. Makeup can help to cover marks and scars but if the skin is already flawless then the beauty of the face can be multiplied.

Finally, wash off any make up before going to sleep. Makeup that is left on for a prolonged time can and will harm skin tissues.

Apply foundation properly

As the name indicates, foundation in regards to makeup is the root of the whole process of properly applying makeup. Never overdo it. Women with flawless and healthy skin may not require a strong foundation, all that would be needed in this case would be a dark shade of permanent eye liner and then they are ready to go.

Women should wash their face with warm water and then dry it with tissue paper before applying foundation. Do not use fluffy towels otherwise they will leave behind little pieces which will hamper the texture of foundation.

Use a foundation brush or sponge to apply the foundation primer. Women who apply foundation with their hands miss some regions of their face and then apply too much foundation to other parts of their face. When this happens the foundation becomes messy and clumps together and then they have to wash off all the makeup and start over again.

There are different makeup brushes, some for powder makeup and others for liquid makeup. Choosing the right makeup brush for the job will help with the application of makeup, this will also reduce the expenses associated with those who are guilty of applying makeup too often.

Synthetic makeup brushes are typically preferred over the natural brushes when using liquid makeup because they are more durable and soak in the liquid makeup better.

The best brush for applying foundation is the flat foundation brush.

All eye makeup is not created equally

A woman’s eyes define a lot about her and a makeup which adds charisma to them will lighten up her personality like a gem. Women that want to make their eyes stand out should remember to stick with the same color scheme, when doing this they can choose a darker shade for their eyes than rest of the face makeup and still remain confident that all the colors match.

There are numerous shades to choose from according to eye color and facial structure, but always remember to make sure that the makeup around the face and eyes is blended well with the hands and neck.

Following these tips and using the correct makeup brushes will allow women to have a better overall experience when applying makeup and get the desired glamorous look for work, events and parties that they are looking for.

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